I’m Only Here for the Life Experience

Over the many, many years I have graced this Earth, I’ve met – and usually worked with – nearly every personality type. I presume I’ve dodged meeting any serial killers, and since not everyone in my acquaintance can say the same thanks to a local pig farm, I am both proud and relieved to have missed this group. I have worked with gossips, backstabbers, flirts, bullies, princesses, doormats, passive-aggressive, born-again Christians, and circle-the-wagons cliques. I’ve also worked with excellent parents, open hearts, quick wits, generous minds, and helpful hands. It will surprise no one to know that these two groups – the good and the bad – are describing the same people.

Early on, I figured out that most folks are both wonderful and not. We all have good qualities, and by knowing who was good at what, and playing to their strengths, I could make even the most unbearable situations liveable. And turning the other cheek is much easier when you understand it is less a personal issue and more just them being human.

At some point in my life, I decided to own my flaws. After all, I am human, too. I knew my strengths, and I used them as much as possible, but I also knew where I struggled. I purposely learned as much about myself as possible. Reflections, experiments, memories, emotional growth, parenthood, and countless inspirational posts on Facebook have aided my path to the person I am within, and I’ve become aware of many traits that make “me”.

1)      I rarely get offended. It must be obviously both rude and petty.

2)      I forgive quickly.

3)      Unless it’s over my kids. “Forgive” and “forget” don’t ever apply when the offense is over my kids.

4)       I like to make people laugh.

5)      I actually like my own company.

6)      I actually like the company of others.

7)      I judge the value of a book by how many times I reread it.

8)      I can have my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground if I make myself stand very tall.

9)       Life gives us no guarantees, good or bad.

10)  And sometimes, just sometimes, miracles come disguised as disasters. With the exception of children and windfall lotteries, we rarely grow during the good times. It’s the hard times, the times when we must reevaluate through our grief, when we must toss out everything we thought was going to be and open ourselves to possibilities, that make us truly who we are.


2 Responses to “I’m Only Here for the Life Experience”

  1. That is beautiful Penney. I loved reading it.

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