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I want…

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Thank you, Christine, for sending this image.

I want to live and breathe. I want the sunshine, the flowers, the patter of rain and slashes of lightening. I want the power outage so I can feel the great sense of relief when the lights come back on.

I want the ordinary. I want the mundane, the routine. I want the stacks of laundry, the piles of papers, so I can feel a sense of accomplishment when they are gone. I want them all to return, like a cycle, so I can tackle a chore with the confidence that I know just what to do.

I want the new experiences, the challenges, the opportunities for growth and wisdom. I want to look back and laugh at what wasn’t funny at the time. I want the surprises that make me think and make me smile. I want the harder road sometimes, because there is so much to see.

I want to love, and to share that light. I want to sit in perfect harmony with one I love so I can feel the vibration of my soul as it matches another’s. I want to fight, so I can forgive or be forgiven and rekindle our connection through the gratitude of knowing the storm has passed.

I want inner light, that glow that comes from happiness. I want that so I can put it forward, so I can light up a life that is getting dark. I want to bring joy and peace more than I want to have it.

I want to believe in the spirit. I want to feel mine, and theirs. I want to touch those who share this Earth with me now, and I want to be touched by those who have come before me, and left.

I want to see heaven. I want the beauty and the ever-present and all-encompassing love. I want to know what is waiting for me because it will make the hardships less. I can get though the days that leave me broken because I know I will be fixed and whole again when it is time.

I want to be connected with God. I want the guidance and the patience that He offers to those willing to take it. I want Him to know I will walk His path wherever I see it, and if I wander off the path I want to know He will light it up for me because He knows I will come back.